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About Agricole Oil

You want to buy your oil at a competative price, with the least effort and in the most ecologically friendly way.

Since 1995, Agricole Oil has been offering its free, independent service, finding the most competitive oil prices each day using a range of oil suppliers. We are not affiliated to any oil service or suppliers.

Providing you with a personal, one-call-service, we take the hassle out of ordering oil by doing the market research for you. There are even real people answering the phone when you call! This is a premium service, not a no-frills internet service, yet it costs you no more.

Call us now on 01954 719452 to ask for a quote, or fill in the form and we will get in contact with you. To get a competative oil price, join the oil-buying syndicate in your area.

Agricole Oil is owned by Jeremy Cole.



Agricole Oil is pleased to support the community by making charitable donations to oil buying groups or charities based on customer orders.