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Joining for New Members

As a new customer, the recommended way to create an account is to first find the page for your nearest syndicate, and then use the "Join this Syndicate" button on that page. 

To find your local syndicate there is a Find My Nearest Syndicate search by postcode (preferred).

Or an alphabetical list of All Syndicates

On either, the names of the syndicates are links to a page for that syndicate containing a "Join this Syndicate" button.  From there just fill in the form.

Come back and read the rest of these instructions, if you get stuck.

Overview of the process

The areas that Agricole Oil services are split into a number of localised buying groups, schemes or syndicates.

So the first stage is to locate a syndicate close to you.  At the end of these instructions is a link that will take you to a page that displays to tool to find the nearest syndicate.

The site will locate the nearest syndicates and update the page showing something like...

Generally you will want to pick the nearest syndicate to your location, but if there is a river, motorway or county boundary in between, then it may be better to pick the nearest syndicate that on your side of that divide.  That way it is likely that companies that deliver to that syndicate will be willing to deliver to your location.  If in doubt, then just take the nearest one (the top one in the list)

Click the blue "Page for xxx" link for the syndicate that you have chosen (highlighted in red above) and then on the linked page, press the blue "Join This Syndicate" button shown below.

And complete the joining form

... down to ...

And to finish, press the "Submit and Save My Details" button. N.B. Please allow time for your details to be saved before exiting the page. Sometimes this takes a few seconds.

As soon as your account has been activated, you will be sent an email confirming that this has happened.

You will then be notified by email whenever an oil buying run starts.

You can then place an order for the amount of oil that you would like in that run.

Each run remains open for several days.  The email will confirm details.

Once it closes and we know the total volumes, then we can negotiate the best price from the suppliers in your area.

You will then be notified by email of the supplier, the agreed price, and delivery timescales. In the event that you are unhappy with the price, then you can speak to call us on 01954 719452 and cancel your order at that stage.

In order to start this process, please click the following link to Find Your Nearest Syndicate.