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What Are Oil Buying Syndicates

Monthly Bulk Buying 

By combining your oil order with others in your area, the increased volume gets you a competitive price as well as having oil delivered in the most ecologically friendly way. 

When a group of householders, in the same area, buy oil at the same time, for delivery on the same day, they can negotiate a discount with the supplier. This can be significant - in the winter, savings can be up to 4-8p/litre. If your tank is small, then your savings are the greatest since your order is combined with others to make a much larger order with a cheaper per-litre price

The oil supplier saves money by sending one full vehicle to the area and emptying it. Their vehicle covers fewer miles and the driver spends more time pumping oil and less time driving between customers, so their costs are reduced. These lower costs result in lower prices. 

You can also feel ecologically better about it too. There will be fewer lorry movements in your area. To check if there is a syndicate local to you, use our Find My Nearest Syndicate facility and join up to save.

How it Works 

Oil-buying group members get notification emails whenever the syndicate buying window opens, usually once a month. Join your local syndicate now, so that you don’t miss out.

When you receive the e-mail notification about an order being planned for your area, you can add your own order online by logging in on this website or by calling us to place an order. The minimum order is 500 litres.

When all the orders have been gathered together, Agricole Oil will negotiate with the oil suppliers to get the best price for the group. We will then let you know the price for your order.

You will be given the name and contact details of the oil supplier and a date by which you must contact the supplier in order to pay for the oil. You will also be given the date when the oil will be delivered by.

Monthly bulk orders are placed generally during the last two weeks of each month. Deliveries are generally made between 2nd -7th of the following month. So from the bulk order ‘opening’ to delivery, it could be three weeks, so some forward planning is required.

If you need your oil delivery more quickly, or if you wish to have a more specific delivery date, please call us on 01954 719452 to place either a next-day emergency delivery (usually a premium price charged) or a delivery within 5 working days (a standard price charged).

The discount that can be negotiated depends upon the number of customers ordering that month, their location, and the total number of litres ordered.

We use a panel of our ‘preferred’ suppliers who make deliveries in their vehicles, as Agricole Oil is a broker, not an oil supplier.

You are not expected to participate in every monthly order. As a rough average, most people participate in about one out of every two or three runs.

If there is no syndicate in your area, then email us at sales@agricoleoil.co.uk or start a group in your area. It'll get you and all your friends and neighbours a lower price. We can help you get started.

To order online if you have bought through us before

- Press the link supplied to you in the email Agricole Oil sends you telling you about the current ‘bulk buy’. 

or if you have not bought through us before

  • Create a New to Agricole Oil Account for Online Bulk Ordering by finding your nearest syndicate, please type in your postcode 

(Postcode search box) and then filling in your name, address etc.