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Questions regarding Agricole Oil's service

Why don’t you offer a price on your website?

At Agricole Oil we pride ourselves on talking and discussing with our customers about their specific requirements. The price of oil changes throughout the day and pricing is dependent your requirements. Therefore, in order to give you the best service, we determine which supplier would be the most appropriate for you on the day you order your oil. 

Why doesn’t Agricole Oil deal with all suppliers?

Agricole Oil trades via many suppliers that offer a competitive price and importantly high customer service. We don’t use some suppliers as either we, or our customers, have had issues in the past. Other suppliers prefer not to deal with syndicates or via an oil broker. 

Wouldn’t it be better to have a long-term contract with just one supplier? 

No. Even though suppliers supposedly give discounts in exchange for long-term contracts, their daily ‘spot’ prices are generally even cheaper, so it pays to shop around between suppliers every time you place an order. Agricole Oil does this for you. 

Can there be a system where the supplier estimates when my tank is running down, and automatically fills me up without my even having to ask?

Tying yourself to one supplier is not the cheapest option. You can specify a preferred delivery date/ top up regime and Agricole Oil will incorporate this into delivery schedules, but the best discounts are available via the monthly bulk-buying groups. 

How do I get the volume discount?

Agricole Oil bundles all  our customers’ orders together, either daily (‘mini-bulk’) or monthly (‘bulk-buy’).  This ensures we obtain competitive pricing based on the volume of orders received.