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Questions regarding the monthly oil-buying syndicates and ‘bulk-buying’ scheme

How does the ‘bulk buy’ work?

Agricole Oil sends an email to its customers inviting them to join in on a bulk buy.

The process takes about three weeks to organize and execute an order. Something like:

- Day 1 – Notify customers by email that the bulk buying window has opened and invite members to submit an order (via website link/email/phone) before the closing date (typically 5-7 days).

- Day 8 – Bulk buying closing date.

- Day 9 – Email the volume of orders and delivery areas to the suppliers for quotation purposes.  Once all the quotations have been received, we chose the supplier who offers the most competitive price/delivery terms.  Deliveries should be completed within 10 working days from receipt of orders.

- Day 10 – Notify members of expected delivery date and the agreed price and payment terms. Should you wish to amend your order, you will need to contact Agricole Oil at your earliest opportunity (within 1-2 days, otherwise it will be assumed to want to go ahead, and the supplier will already have your order.

- Day 11-20 – Delivery happens.

The supplier will offer a discount because they only need to send out a full vehicle to an area. The supplier saves on manpower, efficient vehicle usage (road miles) and can deliver at THEIR convenience within the delivery time-frame.  Talk to us or the supplier if this causes an issue, ie holiday/work. Our customers save money via the bulk- buy as it is cheaper than the daily ad hoc price our suppliers quote.

Do you just pick the lowest price?

Usually. Price is the main driver, however, we also take into account other factors, eg.  How quickly you need the oil.

Does the monthly oil-buying scheme cost me anything?

No. The scheme is free of charge to our customers. In fact, many syndicates are ‘Village oil clubs’ and the village receives an annual ‘village reabte’ from Agricole oil, based on litres bought by the villagers. Agricole Oil believes no other bulk-buying scheme offers this. Annual Agricole Oil returns £3,000-4,000 to it’s customers as a ‘village rebate’. See Giving Back to see the types of uses the Village rebate is put to by villages.

Can I choose the delivery date or time?

To choose the delivery date for your oil, you must make an individual / ad-hoc 'mini-bulk' daily order. If you order with the monthly bulk-buying group, the discount is achieved because the deliveries all happen on the same day (or days), as chosen by the supplier. You may be given a range of possible delivery dates and the supplier may also specify the delivery time when the delivery is imminent. 

Do I have to be in when the oil is delivered?

Not if the delivery driver can gain easy access to the tank to fill it and you are prepared to accept their delivery note as proof of what they delivered. 

How do I pay for my oil?

You will asked to contact the oil supplier before the delivery of oil to give them your payment details. Should your tank not be able to take the full amount you ordered, the adjusted price will be taken from your payment card. The supplier will provide an individual invoice for your records. 

I’m in a ‘standing order’ top-up scheme. Can you take that over?

No. Unfortunately by being part of such a scheme, you are probably paying more than you need to. Your supplier tops up your tank in small amounts, so you get charged for your oil at the small order rate. Your supplier also has your business captive and has no incentive to give you the best price, as well as having the use of your money in advance. We suggest cancelling these arrangements and transferring what you would have paid to your usual supplier to another of your own bank accounts, and paying for the oil from that account in future.

Do I have to purchase all my oil using monthly bulk-buying groups?

No. Obviously it is good for you and the scheme if you do, because it allows us to order oil more frequently (more convenient) and in larger amounts (better prices). However if you need a supply quickly then call us on 01954 719452 and we’ll find you the best price for an emergency order or an order within 5 working days.

What do I do if I need oil quickly?

If you are running low, check whether your monthly oil-buying group is planning an order. If not, call us on 01954 719452 and we’ll find you the best price for an emergency order or an order within 5 working days. 

How can I be sure it's a good deal? Do you have a price promise?

If you can get a better price on the day we order then you can cancel your order, as long as you cancel on that day. Twenty-four hours is a long time in oil pricing. If you can get a better price, then let us know who your supplier is because we would like to talk to them about supplying oil to our other customers too! 

How do I submit my order?

You can submit your monthly bulk order either by using the login area on this website or by calling us on 01954 719452. When the bulk order is open you will receive an email from Agricole Oil that contains a link to your ‘ordering page’, then all you need to do is type in the litres you require and submit your order. Simple.  For daily orders (mini-bulk) please email or telephone us to place your order.

How will I be notified that an order is being planned?

Notifications will be sent by email, once you have set up an account. 

How will I be notified of price and delivery?

Notifications will be sent by email, once you have set up an account. 

Will there be a price break for larger orders?

Orders of over 750 litres will get a better price than orders between 500 - 750 litres. We cannot take orders below 500 litres.