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Questions Regarding Payments for Oil

Do the drivers accept cheques or cash?

Terms of payment differ between suppliers.  Some suppliers accept a cheque to driver, others request that the cheque is cleared prior to the delivery of oil.  All suppliers accept debit cards and BACS payments, some also accept credit card payments.  No supplier accepts cash to driver.  Please ask if you have specific requirements regarding payment of your oil

Can I pay Agricole Oil by monthly Direct debit / Standing Order?

No. Some individual suppliers do offer this service but as Agricole Oil uses a panel of suppliers it is unlikely that you will have a delivery from the same suppler every time, making this impracticable. It is also usually an expensive way of buying oil. 

Will I be refunded/charged extra on my card if there is a difference between the quantity ordered and actually delivered?

Yes. This is a routine and automatic part of the suppliers’ internal payment process. Your oil delivery is carefully metered and you will receive a ticket to show exactly how much oil has been delivered to you. Contact Agricole Oil if this does not happen to your satisfaction or you have a query.