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Questions Regarding the Delivery of Oil

Where does Agricole Oil deliver to?

Agricole Oil delivers to East Anglia, Kent, the Midlands and towards Bristol at present. We aim to expand nationwide over time, so do ask the question if you are outside this region. Please look at the delivery map.

Can my delivery take place if I am out?

Quite possibly. Many fuel deliveries can be delivered unattended, so long as there are no health and safety issues, locked gates, tanks or fierce dogs! A metered ticket will be left by the tanker driver, detailing the quantity delivered. 

Is access through my property OK?

Due to health & safety and insurance reasons, suppliers cannot make deliveries through properties. Deliveries through buildings not connected to the house, i.e., a separate garage, are usually OK. It is always best to liaise with the individual supplier at time of ordering ref your own individual property. 

I need a small tanker as access a problem. Is that possible?

Possibly. If you require a small vehicle to make your fuel delivery, let us know when you place your order. There is often a premium charged for a small tanker.

What do I do if I have run out of oil?

First, don’t panic!   Call us on 01954 719452 to get a delivery ASAP, at a sensible price. There can be a 10-20% surcharge for a same day/next day delivery, so let Agricole Oil look for the best supplier for you. 

After the delivery try to start the boiler again (always follow the manufacturers instructions). If that fails you may have an air lock, in which case it is best to call a heating engineer.