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Questions Regarding the Ordering of Oil

What is the smallest amount of oil I can order?

500 litres (approx 100 gallons) is the smallest order size. However, this is the most expensive way of ordering oil, 750 litres and above usually gains a discount from our suppliers. There is often a further discount over 1500 litres.

What are the levels that the oil becomes cheaper?

The pence per litre price for your fuel reduces as you order a larger quantity. There is a reduction in price for orders of 750 litres and another above 1500 litres. Slight over and under deliveries are tolerated at the contracted price per litre, as it is sometimes difficult to estimate how much oil you need. A ‘small delivery fee’, may be charged if there is a big difference between ordered and delivered quantity. 

Does Agricole Oil offer a ‘top up’ or ‘to fill’ delivery?

No. Suppliers will only deliver what is paid for and no more, so it is always best to order a little more to ensure the tank is completely filled. A rebate will happen if an under-delivery happens. 

What about cancelling or changing the order?

This is possible but cancellations or changes within 24 hours of the delivery, especially if the vehicle is already en route, may incur an administration fee of approx £50 to the supplier. 

What is the VAT rate on domestic heating Oil? 

Domestic heating oil customers only pay 5% VAT (current as of November 2018)