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Giving Back

Village oil-buying syndicates can qualify for the Agricole Oil Annual Village Charitable Donation.

In thanks to any village Parish Council/Village organisation that overtly publicises the Agricole Oil service to its parishioners via the Village/Church magazine/website, Agricole Oil will make a charitable donation based on customer orders during each calendar year. Currently this is £5 per customer who orders 1000 litres or more in the calendar year.

The donation goes towards any organisation within the village, for such things as football shirts, cricket bats, a bench, scout equipment etc.

Some village groups are formal groups where all villagers buy oil on a certain day whereas other groups are very informal, where members of the village just order as and when they require oil, both ways qualify for the annual Village Rebate. Importantly  the “Village” must have overtly sent details to its parishioners explaining the virtues of the Agricole Oil service to qualify for the donation.